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Partnering with the Kronites team will help:


  • Minimize Workforce Disruption
  • Provide quicker implementation
  • Improve End-User Adoption
  • Create a more efficient workforce
  • Empower users to explore the full organizational impact and potential of Kronos


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When implementing a new workforce solution, having the proper workforce expertise available to support you on your journey is critical to organizational success. Without a successful user adoption strategy, your investment will fall flat.  Our team provides expert guidance to ensure that our clients experience a high user adoption rate, and changes are managed with minimal unnecessary disruption to the end-user.

We provide a strong workforce support team to keep you up-to-date about relevant improvements, how they impact your specific solution and how take advantage of those improvements as soon as they occur. Our team of experts is available to assist you from design to deployment of your Kronos implementation.

Implementation & Upgrades

Implementations are often fraught with unforeseen challenges.  While preparation is often the key to success, using internal resources for that preparation, in addition to their normal workload, can lead to frequent process delays, unintended stress, and low adoption rates.

Our implementation experts work with you to deploy Kronos, leveraging a proven methodology developed after hundreds of installs and upgrades.

Our team will outline an implementation strategy for your deployment – whether it is for a corporate merger or an enterprise-wide standardization initiative.  We guide our clients through upgrades with Pay Rule, Work Rule, PCD, Combination Rule, and Break Rule configuration to accommodate various state and company guidelines.

Serving clients in:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
Project Management

Project Management experts will guide you through the entire Kronos adoption and implementation process.  Our Project Management Services include:

  • Implementation & Upgrade Management
  • End-User Training
  • Testing
  • Staffing

Kronites experts use an enterprise-wide approach with a step-by-step process for engaging and transitioning all stakeholders.  Our skilled team assists with design, configuration, testing and deployment of your Kronos solution.

Training and Testing

This enterprise-wide approach offers extensive training to both end-users and subject matter experts to ensure a successful implementation. Our training programs can be customized for web-based learning, instructor-led or small group-based train-the-trainer formats.

Business Analysis

Our team uses the Kronos advanced analytics tools to identify challenge areas, uncover issues and provide solutions to your team for improved business results.  We help you understand your workforce data, including insightful labor patterns and trends.

Our Analysis Services include:

  • Assessment & Strategic Planning
  • Dashboard and Visualization
  • Development & Integration
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Analytics Enablement
  • Risk Evaluation
System Optimization

Our Kronos experts are available to quicky resolve issues and offer guidance into suggested upgrades and improvements to avoid future challenges. Our team will make the needed changes to optimize your workforce solution without disrupting your IT department and pulling resources away from their day-to-day tasks.

We are dedicated to providing you with customized feedback specifically for your implementation or configuration.