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The implementation of new workforce management solutions can often cause a great deal of internal strain on an enterprise. Adding additional responsibilities and detracting from the day-to-day work that drives corporate profitability, is the reason that many organizations chose a third-party project management team.


Utilizing change management experts can ensure a smooth process, desired outcomes and critical hurdles are overcome during the process.


Partnering with the Kronites team will help:

  • Minimize Workforce Disruption

  • Provide quicker implementation

  • Improve End-User Adoption

  • Create a more efficient workforce

  • Empower users to explore the full organizational impact and potential of Kronos

About Us

Workforce Consulting Since 2005

Kronites® provides comprehensive Change Management Services for Kronos® clients.


    Implementations & Upgrades

    Project Management

    Training and Testing

    Business Analysis

    System Optimization


    Why choose us

    Our Kronites team will:

    • Outline an implementation strategy for your deployment – whether it is for a corporate merger or an enterprise-wide standardization initiative
    • Assist with design, configuration, testing and deployment of your Kronos solution

    • Keep you up-to-date about relevant improvements, how they impact your specific solution and how take advantage of those improvements as soon as they occur
    • Use advanced analytics tools to identify challenge areas, uncover issues and provide solutions to your team for improved business results
    • Provide you with customized feedback specifically for your implementation or configuration

    Proven Methodology

    Enterprise-wide Approach

    High User Adoption Rate

    Advanced Analytics Tools

    Optimize your Workforce

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